Énergétique Traditionnelle Chinoise


Openning time

  • Every day throughout the year between 9 am and 7.30 pm.
    Closed on Sunday.


- Traditional Chinese Energy sessions to treat your physical/emotional problems or preserve your vitality
- Energising Tui Na full-body massage

Traditional Chinese energetics considers the whole person.
Its aim is to promote well-being, and to prevent and treat physical and emotional dysfunctions.
A session begins with an interview focused on your request.
I ask you questions about your whole body and your emotional state.
I finish by taking your pulse and tongue.
This enables me to assess your energy balance and suggest a suitable treatment.

The treatment consists of stimulating acupuncture points using different techniques, depending on the energy assessment carried out:
- acupressure or digitopuncture,
- Tuina massage,
- moxa (heating points at a distance from the skin),
- cupping, ...

What genes or disorders should I book an appointment for?
- Various problems: sleep, digestion, menstruation, breathing, etc.
- Chronic or recent pain: neck, shoulder, back, knees, feet, chest, etc.
- Anxiety, stress, nervousness, etc.
- Fatigue
- As a preventive measure, to preserve vitality, before the appearance of bodily dysfunctions.

If you wish, I can offer you a session focusing solely on TuiNa massage, of the whole body, for overall well-being in 1 hour.

We offer services and equipments made for your individual needs


Animals : Non accepted

Clientele and groups

Age required : 11 years old


  • 55 euros for a 50-minute session.

Way of payment

  • Check
  • Cash


  • Massage

Spoken languages

  • English English
  • French French