Concert Mama Kandy



Blues Soul Trans. Cross the States to the sound of minimal rhythm and soul-tinged vocals.

Mama Kandy is the story of Guillaume Allardi and Didier Bouchet. Their meeting in 2017 gave rise to a series of wide-ranging discussions about the blues, voodoo witchcraft and the spirit of punk, and their love of old guitars and analogue sound. Then they start playing... Mama Kandy then becomes a journey through the States, through the music of slaves, outcasts and those left behind, black, white or red.

Minimal rhythm, soul-tinged vocals, skilfully orchestrated guitars and vocal loops that electrify their set: these are the main ingredients of this blues from the heights, magnetic, poetic, spiritual and warlike...


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Openning time

  • Saturday 17 June 2023 between 9 pm and 10 pm.