Confi'Danses (Danse Cabaret/moderne)



Fill up on good humour. A show combining modern dance, cabaret and Irish tap.

Solo, duo, trio and ensemble merge in this poetic universe.
Our five dancers will delight your imagination in a playful way. Each embodies her character perfectly with her movements and gentle madness...

Violette, Lila, Rose Hortense and Iris evoke the realities to which women are exposed.
Desperate for life in their own way, they will transport you to profound and timeless subjects with a light touch (jealousy, motherhood, rivalry) and you will be overwhelmed by laughter and emotion until the end of their story.

The poetry of this show plunges us into an emotional labyrinth full of humour and tenderness.


  • Full price (adults and over 12s): €15
    Reduced price (children aged 8 to 12): €10
    Children under 12: free

    Preferably booked online or on site.

Way of payment

  • Check
  • Cash

Openning time

  • Sunday 12 November 2023 at 6 pm.