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Hautes-Alpes 24 hours / Peter Mc Andrew Trophy

24h Hautes Alpes 6
‘‘ PETER MC ANDREW TROPHY: Rise to the challenge of this unique automobile marathon !

The first automobile tour of legendary mountain passes !


A real opportunity for vintage car enthusiasts! This rally is open to vintage cars and supercars. Supercars are the world’s most prestigious, high-performance cars. This exceptional rally is organised by the Association pour la Promotion du Sport Automobile dans les Hautes-Alpes (Association for Motorsports in the Hautes-Alpes) with support from the Savines-le-Lac municipality and the Conseil Départemental des Hautes-Alpes (Hautes-Alpes Council), and in partnership with Peter Mc Andrew (official supplier for the Automobile Club de Monaco since April 2018 – the PMcA Peter Mc Andrew sportswear brand provides the outfits for all of its competitions, Monaco Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo Rally, etc.) Discover the magnificent landscapes of the Hautes-Alpes with the majestic Serre-Ponçon Lake as a backdrop.



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  • The meeting point for this rally is at the Pôle Culturel de Savines-le-Lac (Cultural hub) on the edge of the Serre-Ponçon Lake.
  • A complete tour of the Hautes-Alpes in 24 hours
  • Sports marathon format: two drivers take turns driving over 20/24 hours
  • A gathering of cars that takes place on the open road. Restricted to two categories of vehicle: vintage cars from before 1989 (over 30 years old) and supercars
  • 47 mountain passes to cross: 17,310 m in elevation
  • 1,000km to cover: Two circuits to be completed, including one at night
  • Monitoring carried out using GPS trackers on the cars
  • Participation conditions: Presence of two people per qualifying vehicle, both with a valid driving licence. Compulsory membership of the organising association (A.P.S.A)







Participation request must be sent to APSA headquarters, 1 rue des métiers, GAP (05 000), or by e-mail:

  • For the vehicle: The Road Book, the event’s official plate, the GPS tracking pack from our partner VDS Racing (deposit necessary), stickers for the vehicle (ID number, sun visor, partners), vehicle guarding
  • Logistics with a staff of 18 people
  • Prizes and souvenirs: Souvenir photo, ‘Finisher’ trophy, two Peter Mc Andrew event polo shirts, a gift basket of the best Hautes-Alpes products
  • Not forgetting accommodation and catering: One-night stay for two in a 3-star hotel. Double room from 21 to 22 June / Shuttle from the Parc Fermé to the hotels / Aperitifs (at the Friday-evening briefing and Sunday finish) / Brunch on Saturday morning before the start / Snacks and drinks on Saturday / The Hautes-Alpes buffet Saturday evening / Snacks during the night circuit / Breakfast on Sunday / Closing lunch on Sunday

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