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Kitefoil across the Serre-Ponçon Lake


Ideal wind conditions on a turquoise lake. Kitesurfing on the Serre-Ponçon Lake guarantees a ride surrounded by exotic colours in the heart of the mountains. For some years now, foiling has been taking off in Serre-Ponçon. Spotlight on this new activity that is attracting more and more kiters.

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A good season requires preparation

10 to 15 knots, west to north-west and a clear sky. The weather forecast on the Serre-Ponçon website is encouraging. Everything indicates that tomorrow will be ideal for a good kite foiling session on the Serre-Ponçon Lake. As an experienced kitesurfer, you recently tried kite foiling for the first time. Tomorrow will be the first day on your own.


See sailing conditions


The right spot… At the right moment

When you arrive at the spot, you’ll meet Jérôme, a regular here and one of the area’s best kiters. While chatting, he’ll soon offer to keep an eye on you during your session.
The thermals are operating as planned. 15 knots, and the waves are there. That’s good news. You take out your favourite 10 m² kite. The excitement builds, all you need for a perfect day. You inflate your kite, take a deep breath and… You’re off !

Foiling and Serre-Ponçon thermals, a perfect partnership

‘‘ Be careful as you get on the water,’ Jérôme shouts as you prepare your kite on the beach. The mound to the side creates some turbulence as you take off, but you’ll be fine once the sail is up high in the air.’ he adds.
Jérôme Josserand

Flying carpet…

The kite is on the edge of the steering window, at 2 o’clock, and you easily glide away from the bank. Water runs along your wetsuit as you get on your board. Two or three metres of gliding to gain momentum and the magic of the foil operates.  Everything becomes steady and calm. No more lapping water, no more noise other than the wind on your face. You are flying…

You are gliding over the lake, crossing the turquoise Caribbean-like water with a deep sense on contentedness. Opposite, the jagged Aiguilles de Chabrières stand tall as a reminder that you are not actually in the West Indies but in the heart of the Alps. Further north, Mont Guillaume overlooks Embrun. There are still a few firns at the start of summer. What a fantastic landscape !


Perfect Day…

Weight forward, board on the water, change foot as you swing your sail to the opposite steering window. Immediately and naturally change tack and you set out in the opposite direction. Your jibe is perfect, and you naturally let out a shriek of delight. A change of scenery, you are now riding towards the Pic du Morgon that proudly presides over the lake from an altitude of 2324 m.
From one side to the other and back. Not all jibes are as perfect as the first one. Some are even total failures. Thankfully, it’s fresh water! It won’t taste as bad as saltwater! A red kite briefly flies up the lake alongside you. As you watch it flying further away, you imagine the paragliders taking off from the Pierre-Arnoux hill. You’ve been on the water for two hours already and the day is clearly set to be one of your ten favourites.


Ride with La Carline

During your excursion on the Serre-Ponçon Lake, you’ll come across La Carline. Serre-Ponçon’s red and white tour boat transports tourists at a steady pace. The temptation is too strong. You close in on the boat while maintaining a safe distance. The passengers, baffled by this man flying above the waves, whip out their cameras. You’re the star of the day on the lake. Back on the beach, Jérôme helps you land and congratulates you on your session. As he offers you a drink, you chat about your session and riding stories unfold one after the other. It’s time for an aperitif…

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A site with breathtaking panoramic views. You can enjoy the Serre-Ponçon lake between Chorges and Savines-le-Lac. Our team can hire you motorboats, with or without a licence, and canoes and kayaks.

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