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‘‘ SWIMRUNMAN: Three race formats in a picture postcard setting !

An original event in a heavenly setting

The SwimRunMan arrives for a second edition on Serre-Ponçon, for a race combining team work and beautiful panoramas, all on 2 disciplines (swimming and running/trail) and on the communes of Embrun, Puy-Sanières, Crots and Savines-le-Lac. 3000 hectares of water as far as the eye can see! Some even say that it is a stretch of the Mediterranean, which seems to have been laid in the heart of the Southern Alps. Facing this vast expanse of turquoise blue water, which makes it the second largest artificial lake in Europe, 3 courses await you !

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SwimRunMan ?

The discipline was born in Sweden in 2002: two brothers wishing to swim/walk from island to island. In 2005, a first official race was created. In 2017, the term became a brand.

A 100% natural discipline:
• the running part moves along trails and not bitumen,
• The locations, chosen for the quality of the panoramas, allow to cut sections of race (Race+Swimming)
• Alternate running and swimming (mini-event section)
• Trails between lake and mountain
• All equipment worn by competitors: swimmer wears running equipment and vice versa
• A race in pairs, promoting team strategies

Kids’ Swimrunman,

Open to children aged 6 to 14 on the beaches and the dyke of the lake with a snack for everyone at the finish.

– MINI POUSSINS and POUSSINS – aged 6 to 9:
• Full distance: 800 m
• Swimming: 100 m
• Running: 700 m

– PUPILLES and BENJAMINS – aged 10 to 13:
• Full distance: 1500 m
• Swimming: 200 m
• Running: 1300 m



• Distance totale : 11km
• Total run : 8.2km (dénivelé positif : 296m)
• Total swim : 2.8km

• Distance totale : 23.60km
• total run : 19.25km (dénivelé positif : 747m)
• Total swim : 4.35km

• Distance totale : 40.40km
• total run : 33.85km (dénivelé positif : 1288m)
• Total swim : 6.70km
• Temps d’effort : 5h à 8h50

– MINIMES  – 14 à 15 ans :
• Distance totale : 2500m
• Total swim : 500m
• Total run : 2000m


June there will be hundreds of swimrunners rising to the challenge of the EMBRUN SWIMRUN, a unique race in an exceptional setting that will remain in your memory forever. The steep footpaths of the Embrun area will lead you to gain height above the Serre-Ponçon Lake and the Durance River, where you will further appreciate the moment.

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