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  • Every day throughout the year between 9 am and 7 pm.
    Closed on Sunday.


Un instant pour soi: mobilising your capacities - Becoming aware of and living fully in the present moment -

Be kind to yourself - Get to know yourself better - Stress - Anxiety - Unhappiness - Painful experiences - Need to breathe - Manage your emotions better - Sleep better...

Guide, I become, thanks to techniques drawn from yoga, Japanese Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Ericksonian hypnosis and positive philosophy.
Sophrology is a scientific method created by a doctor, Professor Alfonso Caycedo, to master the balance between body and mind.
Recognising what's important - Sophrology becomes an intimate ally.
I gradually guide you towards coherence between your behaviour, your thoughts, your emotions and your values. As a career nurse, Sophrology quickly became an essential aid for me in managing the mishaps of everyday life and life in general. In no way does it replace medical treatment, but it is an invaluable aid in lowering levels of stress, pain, anxiety, phobias, etc. and enabling us to be the best we can be (sleep, concentration, confidence, self-esteem, etc.)
Working with children is magical
Teenagers can free themselves and move forward.
Perinatal care (IVF, pregnancy, post-partum) removes real barriers and brings relief
Taking a break also means moving forward and getting stronger
Our elders, because they are no longer active, are often ignored and find real serenity thanks to sophrology.

We offer services and equipments made for your individual needs


Animals : Non accepted

Clientele and groups

Age required : 4 years old

Further informations

Changing rooms available.
Individual: 1st session 1h30 then about 1h - adults; 1h then about ¾ of an hour - children
Group: 1h adults and children
Booking required.

PUBLIC CONCERNED: Children, teenagers, adults, seniors
Certified specialities: Perinatal care, children


  • Sessions:
    Adults: €50
    Children: €40
    Pensioners (adults): €45.

Way of payment

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Spoken languages

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