CIAP - Pôle XXème



At the Interpretation Center for Architecture and Heritage, come and discover a permanent exhibition at the Pôle XXe in free access, a media library, a terrace and a solarium near the Combette beach.

What is a CIAP?
Intended for all audiences, the CIAPs are a key asset of the national network of Cities and Countries of Art and History. Their purpose is to give visitors the keys to understanding the territory, but they are also local equipment for the local population (young people in particular) allowing everyone to reclaim their heritage.
In the SOUTH Country, the Country of Art and History "mountains of lights" will deploy a "CIAP network", in several thematic antennas, including two antennas to come: on the fortified heritage, in the Ubaye Valley cross-border, around the exceptional site of Fort Tournoux and on the religious heritage in Embrun, seat of the former archbishopric of the "Alps in the Mediterranean".

Why a XXth CIAP in Savines-le-Lac?
The Land of Art and History "mountains of lights" stands out for its wealth of 20th century heritage. In the SOUTH Country, nine buildings or labeled units cover the entire geographical territory and present a great typological diversity: villas built by the Barcelonnettes, immigrant builders, returning from Mexico (migration heritage), Maginot works (military heritage), works of Serre-Ponçon and ski resorts (industrial heritage), village of Savines-le-Lac (new village) etc.

This coherent whole highlights a specificity of the territory which is characterized by the great mountain development works and the great migratory flows of these moving alpines, pioneers and inventors, "all entrepreneurs of their fortune" (Pascalis, 1689) .

Savines-le-Lac is one of the rare examples in France of a new village fully labeled with the heritage of the 20th century.
In Savines-le-Lac, the CIAP tells the great adventure of the 20th century: white coal, the arrival of the tractor, the development of tourism, summer camps or solar houses are among the themes addressed in the permanent exhibition .

A boutique space immerses us in the atmosphere of the joyful modernity of the 60s: exclusively, you can find design and emblematic objects of the period. You can also bring bacl a souvenir specific to the history of Serre-Ponçon and the new village of Savines-le-Lac.

The Country of Art and History offers you a specific "CIAP XXe" entertainment program and invites you to participate in a number of on-site and off-site meetings in Pays S.U.D.

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