Saint-Florent Church



In Savines-Le-Lac, set against a magnificent backdrop of mountains reflecting on the Serre Ponçon lake, the church of Saint-Florent is surprising and eye-catching, with its modern design evoking the image of a ship.

Awarded the "20th Century Heritage" label, the shape of this church, rebuilt in 1961, evokes the prow of a boat facing the lake.
Its architectural lines, choice of materials (concrete, etc.) and brightly coloured stained glass windows are the work of Achille de Panaskhet, a contemporary architect.
He was also responsible for the reconstruction of Savines, a town that has been fully listed as a 20th-century heritage site.
Today, the contemporary church is an essential stop-off point for pilgrims on the Pilgrim's Routes to Santiago de Compostela and Rome.