The petrifying waterfalls of Remollon


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Natural phenomena sometimes leave us with lovely surprises! In Remollon, you can admire two astonishing petrifying waterfalls from their observation deck. A refreshing walk. Parking at the start.

These spectacular formations are formed by limestone deposits traversed by underground watercourses. In the past, the original spring located in a deep cave to the west of the village fed a grain mill below, and it was its discharge into the Durance that formed the petrifying waterfall over time.

You can observe the first waterfall thanks to an access platform.
- To observe the 1st waterfall: park at the access car park along the RD900 then walk there in 2 min, take the marked path on the right "La Cascade" to the wooden observation footbridge.

- To observe the 2nd waterfall: 10 min walk along the chemin de l'Hermitane towards the Plaine and its orchards, then right along the chemin de la Plaine. Locate the mill on the edge of the cliff; the waterfall is below the building.

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